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R&D center

The company has 36 R&D staff, accounting for 18% of the total number of companies. Among them, there are 5 senior engineers engaged in the research of large-scale transportation intelligent equipment manufacturing technology, 9 intermediate engineers and 22 junior engineers. Research and development personnel cover mechanical engineering design and automation, automotive application technology, automotive maintenance and inspection, vehicle engineering and other fields.

The product research and development center consists of “domestic vehicle mechanical structure design group”, “foreign vehicle mechanical structure design group”, “intelligent control system group”, “product research and development group” and “integrated management group”. At the same time, the company and Nanjing University of Science and Technology The School of Mechanical Engineering and the Automobile Research Institute of Jiangsu University have started long-term cooperation in production, research and research, and jointly established a school-enterprise technology sharing platform.

Provincial high-tech products 2 items

Provincial Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Project 1 item

1 key research and development plan project of the city

District Science and Technology Plan 3 items

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