Main Products and Advantages

Oil derrick upright transportation equipment:


Main advantages:

1. The upright transportation mode of the first oil derrick: the integral installation and transportation of the over-tough oil production derrick equipment, avoiding repeated installation and reducing mining costs.

2. super large tonnage suspension technology: a single suspension carrying 160 tons, a single tire carrying 40 tons, optimized structural reliability.

3. Full-hanging transportation: The overall hang-up erected multi-head transport and steering system coordination, the rear wheel suspension can be independently steered, and the turning radius of the whole vehicle is smaller.

4. Modular segmented body: The modular freighter adopts modular modular design, which is convenient for modular segmentation production and transportation, ensuring the maximum weight of the whole vehicle.

Heavy duty hydraulic combination vehicle:


Main advantages:

1. For the transportation of all kinds of extreme road conditions of overweight cargo. For example, the cargo exceeds the bridge weight limit, the road load is not enough, the road surface is seriously uneven, the road width is too narrow, and the curve is more.

2. According to the shape and weight distribution of the goods, the vehicle body can be reorganized and the number and shape of the shaft can be selected. The load can be effectively distributed. It can be extended in any combination to carry overweight cargo, and the weight can reach more than 5,000 tons. It is mainly used for military large aircraft carrier submarine and super large. Transportation of oil platforms, super giants in transportation equipment.

3. super heavy-duty suspension structure, with the same width, the maximum load capacity of the tire, single-axis bearing up to 40 tons.


4. multi-axis coordinated steering function, through the narrow and sharp road conditions, can automatically and accurately steer with the tractor head, can also use the remote control to control the steering, all tires can reach a maximum turning angle of 52 degrees, extremely strong; also equipped with lane line identification The lane line deviates from the alarm system and cooperates with the tractor automatic driving system to realize the automatic driving of the train.

5. The vehicle electronic control system adopts embedded CAN bus control, equipped with various height and corner encoders, one-button control, intelligent steering and lifting and leveling functions. The vehicle axles are automatically lifted and lowered by undulating and inclined roads, and the loading platform can automatically Balance, prevent rollover, and equipped with remote control system, real-time monitoring and remote diagnosis of device data through 5G mobile network.

6. The whole car is equipped with EBS electronically controlled braking system. It also has the same sensitive braking response capability as a car under heavy load, which greatly improves safety.

Ultra-precision instrument transport vehicle:



1. The front gooseneck adopts the anti-seismic design of the airbag, and realizes the lifting function of the air bag and the hydraulic cylinder by carrying the air and hydraulic suspension of the axle, and achieves excellent shock absorption effect in combination with the gooseneck lifting, which can make the loading cargo in suspension state. It has a large load and can be used with tractors of various saddle heights. It can reduce the vibration inside the car to less than 5g. This vehicle is mainly suitable for the transportation of ultra-high precision semiconductor chip processing equipment, which can ensure the accuracy requirements of transporting goods. The car can serve the project equipment transportation of Huawei Semiconductor and BOE's new semiconductor chip and mobile phone screen. At present, the products have been sold to Japan and transported the lithography machine for Canon.


2. The rear axle is equipped with the advanced ECAS electronically controlled air suspension system, which has excellent shock absorption performance and anti-rolling function of the vehicle, and can save 25% of air consumption.

3. The original precision steering device is configured to make the handling of goods smoother.

4. The whole car is equipped with small mahogany (pineapple grid) floor, the texture is hard, the earthquake resistance is strong, it is not suitable for wear, and the whole vehicle is lightweight.

 Ultra-low flat-panel utility vehicle.



1. The cargo platform is ultra-low, can be reduced to the ground plane (the lowest surface of the cargo platform is 280mm from the ground). It can be lifted and lowered during the journey, avoiding the height limit of all viaducts, and can be overloaded. It is suitable for super-large chemical tank transportation. Fully automatic operation.

2. You can freely expand the length and width of the cargo platform according to the length and width of the cargo. The carrying platform is automatically level during driving.

3. The modular structure of all cargo can be safely loaded. Each tire independent suspension device is used for linkage steering and strong suspension, and has a smooth function on the pit road.

4. Easy to load and unload, the steering angle is too large, flexible and easy to transport long cargo. When the bridge is limited, the gravity of the overweight cargo can be effectively dispersed, so that the weight-limited bridge is not damaged.

5. This equipment uses a special oil and gas ISD suspension. Compared with the traditional hydraulic suspension, the oil and gas ISD suspension achieves a 10-15% reduction in the rms value of the vehicle vibration acceleration and a 20% reduction in the root mean square value of the tire (axle). %the above,

Lifting gooseneck trailer



1. Change the traditional rear loading and unloading mode to the front loading and unloading to avoid irreversible damage to the trailer tire during the loading and unloading of the tracked engineering vehicle.

2. Very low gooseneck height is used with the extradition platform to form a continuous gentle slope, which greatly reduces the difficulty of loading and unloading and improves transportation efficiency.

3. In terms of precise steering, the steering is to transmit torque through hydraulic pressure, thus ensuring accurate and effective steering, greatly improving the corner passing rate of the vehicle and reducing the wear of the tire.


Customized special transport self-propelled car



1. Carrying capacity can be 120T-1000T, it can drive automatically. Turn around and turn to the function, the maximum remote control distance is 200 meters.

2. With anti-skid control function, it can be driven on rain and snow, suitable for heavy-duty travel in the wild.

3. Automatically and accurately detect the tilt angle and adjust the car body level.

4. Original intelligent operating system, through the touch screen one button to get the vehicle parameters, automatic detection of faults.

Technological Superiority


linkage steering function: remote steering, effectively reducing the turning radius, solving the problem of narrow road surface, road driving, inner dead angle and casualties, increasing the passability.


cargo elevator lifting function (avoiding various roadblocks and increasing passability)


Automatic horizontal function (to prevent rollover)


Modular design (suitable for special transportation of special cargo, free combination of modules, pictured for large transformer transportation)


Front and rear split function (suitable for transporting long cargo, pictured B52 rocket transport)


Passive (extra low cargo platform, close to the ground)


Weight dispersion function (suitable for transporting heavy loads, reducing road damage, 800 tons of cargo carrying map)


The cargo platform can be extended and extended (suitable for loading large-size goods)


Tire independent lifting function (energy saving and environmental protection)


Equipped with power source (electric motor pump, green, zero emission)

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