Technical advantages

Upright transportion equipment of oil derrick


ico  We set up the mode about uprighttransportation of the oil derrick: the integral installation and transportationof the over-tons oil production derrick equipment, avoiding repeatedinstallation and reducing mining costs.

ico Technology of over tonssuspension: a single suspension carrys 160 tons, a single tire carrys 40 tons, highreliability of optimized structural.

ico Full transportation: The fullhang-up erected and multiple drawing head transport and coordination of steeringsystem, the rear wheel suspension can be independently steered, and the turningradius of the whole vehicle is smaller.

ico Modular segmented car body:the cargo platform has a design which used to combinate with modularization, whichis convenient for modular segmentation production and transportation, ensuringthe minimum weight of the whole vehicle.

High duty hydraulic combination vehicle

ico   Transportationof overweight goods in extreme road conditions. For example, the cargo exceeds the limition of bridge weight, thelimition ofthe road load is not enough, the surface of the road is not smooth,the width of the road is too narrow, and a lot for curves.

ico  According tothe shape and weight to distribution of the goods, the car body can bereorganized and the number and shape of the shaft can be selected. The load canbe effectively distributed. It can be extended for carring overweight cargos,and the weight can over 5,000 tons. It is mainly used for transporting of largemilitary aircraft carrier, submarine and overlarge oil platforms. It’s a supergiants in transportation equipment.

ico  Overweightsuspension structure, with the same width, the maximum load capacity of thetire, single-axis bears up to 40 tons.

ico  Multi axlescoordinated steering function, through the narrow and sharp road conditions, itcan automatically and accurately steer with the tractor head, can also use theremote control to control the steering, all tires can reach a maximum turningangle of 52 degrees, extremely strong; also equipped with lane lineidentification The lane line deviatesfrom the alarm system and cooperates with the tractor automatic driving systemto realize the automatic driving of the train.

ico  The whole carelectronic control system adopts embedded CAN bus control, equipped withvarious height and corner encoders, one-button control, intelligent steeringand lifting and leveling functions. The vehicle axles are automatically liftedand lowered by undulating and inclined roads, and the loading platform canautomatically Balance, prevent rollover,and equipped with remote control system, real-time monitoring and remotediagnosis of device data through 5G mobile network.

ico  The whole caris equipped with EBS electronically controlled braking system. It also has thesame response capability of sensitive braking as a car under heavy load, whichgreatly improves safety.

Ultraprecise instrument transport trailer


ico  The front gooseneck adoptsthe anti-seismic design of the airbag, and realizes the lifting function of theair bag and the hydraulic cylinder by carrying the air and oil pressuresuspension of the axle, and achieves excellent shock absorption effect incombination with the gooseneck lifting, which can make the loading cargo insuspension state. It has a large loadand can be used with tractors of various saddle heights. It can reduce thevibration inside the car to less than 5g. It is suitable for the transportationof ultra-high precision semiconductor chip processing equipment, ensuring theaccuracy requirements of transporting goods, and can serve Huawei. The company, BOE Company's new semiconductorchip and mobile phone screen project equipment transportation, the currentproducts have been sold to Japan, for the Canon company transport lithographymachine.

ico  The rear axle is equippedwith the advanced ECAS electronically controlled air suspension system, whichhas excellent shock absorption performance and anti-rolling function of thevehicle, and can save 25% of air consumption.

ico  The original precisionsteering device is configured to make the handling of goods smoother.

ico  The whole car is equippedwith small mahogany (pineapple grid) floor, the texture is hard, the earthquakeresistance is strong, it is not suitable for wear, and the whole vehicle islightweight.

Ultralow multifunctionflat platform transport trailer


ico  The cargoplatform is ultra-low, can be reduced to the ground plane (the lowest surface ofthe cargo platform is 280mm from the ground). It can be lifted and loweredduring the journey, avoiding the height limit of all viaducts, and can beoverloaded. It is suitable for super-large chemical tank transportation. Fully automatic operation.

ico  You canfreely expand the length and width of the cargo platform according to thelength and width of the cargo. Thecarrying platform is automatically level during driving.

ico  The modularstructure of all cargo can be safely loaded. Each tire independent suspension device is used for linkage steering andstrong suspension, and has a smooth function on the pit road.

ico  Easy to loadand unload, the steering angle is too large, flexible and easy to transportlong cargo. When the bridge is limited,the gravity of the overweight cargo can be effectively dispersed, so that theweight-limited bridge is not damaged.

ico  Theequipment adopts special oil and gas ISD suspension. Compared with thetraditional hydraulic suspension, the oil and gas ISD suspension achieves a10-15% reduction in the rms value of the vehicle vibration acceleration and a20% reduction in the root mean square value of the tire (axle) acceleration.

Liftable gooseneck trailer


ico Change the traditionalrear loading and unloading mode to the front loading and unloading to avoidirreversible damage to the trailer tire during the loading and unloading of thetracked engineering vehicle.

ico Very low gooseneck heightis used with the extradition platform to form a continuous gentle slope, whichgreatly reduces the difficulty of loading and unloading and improvestransportation efficiency.

ico In terms of precisesteering, the steering is to transmit torque through hydraulic pressure, thusensuring accurate and effective steering, greatly improving the corner passingrate of the vehicle and reducing the wear of the tire.

Customized special transport self propelled car


ico Carrying capacity can be120T-1000T, it can drive automatically. Turn around and turn to the function, the maximum remote controldistance is 200 meters.

ico With anti-skid controlfunction, it can be driven on rain and snow, suitable for heavy-duty travel inthe wild.

ico Automatically andaccurately detect the tilt angle and adjust the car body level.

ico Original intelligentoperating system, through the touch screen one button to get the vehicleparameters, automatic detection of faults.

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