Disc brakes are imminent. What are the errors in semi-trailer installation? yzvulcan teaches you how to avoid risks

Since the implementation of GB7258-2017 “Technical Conditions for Motor Vehicle Safety”, its related technical requirements have attracted widespread attention in the industry. Many parts are required to be upgraded. The mandatory installation and use of disc brakes is one of the major changes. According to the regulations, all wheels of dangerous goods transport semi-trailers, tri-axle slatted and barn-type semi-trailers should be equipped with disc brakes. Specifically, from January 1, 2019, installation of dangerous goods semi-trailers began. Beginning January 1, 2020, the installation of three-axis fence-type and warehouse-type semi-trailers will begin.
Drum brakes (hereinafter referred to as drum brakes) are used on trucks or semi-trailers traveling on the road. Disc brakes (hereinafter referred to as disc brakes) are more commonly used on passenger cars and passenger cars. The two product structures Different, principles are different, and the methods of use and maintenance are also different. Therefore, at the time when the date of the mandatory installation and use of disc brakes is getting closer, the misunderstanding of the installation of popular science semi-trailers in advance is very necessary and can be effectively avoided due to human error Occurrence of major traffic accidents caused by operation, especially accidents of dangerous goods transportation.
It summarizes several possible misunderstandings of the trailer driver or user, and hopes to attract great attention from the industry. By guiding the company to properly match the disc brakes of the main trailer, the avoidable misuse and misuse can be avoided, and road safety can be truly realized. The ultimate purpose.

Misunderstanding 1: The old method of water spraying is used for heat dissipation
Road conditions are very complicated, and long downhill sharp turns are very common in mountainous areas. In the past, vehicles were equipped with drum brakes. When encountering such road conditions or long-distance transportation loads, the vehicle brakes sharply increased to prevent spontaneous combustion from occurring too quickly Drivers often install water sprayers to cool down the drum brakes. In this regard, yzvulcanR & D Technology Group technical experts once again emphasize that water must not be sprayed. Once the water is sprayed, the disc brakes will have two consequences:
One is to reduce the friction performance of the brake disc, which endangers the safety of vehicle operation;
Second, under high temperature, the brake disc is extremely cold, and it is easy to crack, leading to brake failure, and eventually causing serious traffic accidents with unthinkable consequences.

Misunderstanding 2: “Main drum hanging disk” without retarder
According to the regulations, from January 1 next year, all wheels of dangerous goods transport semi-trailers will be equipped with disc brakes, then the original tractor logistics company will still retain it, which will inevitably cause a large number of “main drum hanging disc” vehicles.
yzvulcanR & D Technology Group experts remind various enterprises that vehicles with main drums must be equipped with retarders. Because the tractor is equipped with a drum brake and the semi-trailer is equipped with a disc brake, once the driver responds to the brakes faster than the tractor when the brake is applied, the trailer disc brakes will wear faster, so the logistics company ’s later costs will be greatly increased. Because the performance and life of the semi-trailer disc brake are greatly reduced, the more the replacement number is, the higher the cost is, and the more safe the vehicle can’t be guaranteed.
If the tractor does not have a retarder, the main brake of the drum brake wears faster in areas with rough roads such as mountainous areas, and the attenuation of the brake force of the main vehicle tends to easily cause the brake linings and brake discs of the trailer to fail, causing more wear serious.

The solution proposed by yzvulcan R & D Technology Group experts is that the main vehicle must be equipped with a retarder. The best condition is that the main vehicle uses full disc braking. Under the premise that the host vehicle is equipped with a retarder, in order to achieve the best performance of the disc axle,

Summarizing the above table, the dual disk + EBS configuration is the best and the performance is the best. Conversely, the tractor is a drum brake + ABS, and the semi-trailer is a disc brake + EBS. This configuration is the most undesirable. Not only the safety cannot be satisfied, but the installation has no meaning.


Misunderstanding 3: The matching of “master drum”

The matching of the “master disk hanging drum” is also not desirable, and there are major security risks. The response speed of the trailer is slower than the main vehicle. According to reports, this configuration is more harmful. Under huge friction, the trailer’s brake is extremely easy to heat up and spontaneously ignite, which is very dangerous when transporting dangerous goods.

Myth 4: High cost of disc brakes

Disc brake and drum brake have their own advantages and disadvantages. Because disc brakes are more used in passenger cars, they are more expensive to use. actually not.

yzvulcan R & D Technology Group experts suggest that the cost of disc brakes is mainly concentrated on the purchase cost in the early stage. In fact, the maintenance-free feature in the later stage reduces the use cost, but the key also depends on the user’s matching of vehicles.

Misunderstanding 5: The use of the hydraulic retarder is complicated

The role of the retarder is to control and reduce the speed of the vehicle, reduce traffic accidents caused by the degradation or even failure of the braking performance caused by the heat decay of the wheel end brake; extend the maintenance cycle and service life of the wheel end brake components and tires, Increase operating time. There will be a wide range of “main drum hanging disc” vehicles, so the application of retarders will be more widespread in the future, and the operation of retarders is more complicated in everyone ’s impression. It is believed that its use is not complicated, and the hydraulic retarder will be proficient after several operations, and there is no difficulty.
Yzvulcan R & D Technology Group experts suggest that the retarder is suitable for use at high speeds, and generally the vehicle speed exceeds 40 yards before it can work. When downhill, it is recommended to use a retarder 1st speed to keep the vehicle steady downhill.

Myth 6: Use speed limit devices

Because the control of vehicles for transporting dangerous goods is becoming more and more strict, in some areas, penalties such as fines, points and even deductions are imposed as soon as the prescribed speed is exceeded (some areas are 80 yards). In order to avoid these penalties, some logistics companies have reported whether they can set up a speed limit device that will automatically brake the vehicle if it overspeeds.

Yzvulcan R & D Technology Group experts suggest that the use of speed limit devices is not advisable for dangerous chemical transport vehicles, because once the brakes are forced, the pulled goods are unusual and the possibility of accidents is greater. The harm is immeasurable, and the control of speed mainly lies in the usual training and reminding of drivers.

As a world-renowned brand and a leader in the domestic market, Yzvulcan saw that the trailer transportation industry has a company with a sense of responsibility, responsibility and mission, and comprehensively improved the driver’s awareness of various types of axles in the trailer procurement industry and reduced trailer road transportation safety Although the accident was difficult, it still went on with no hesitation.
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Post time: Jan-10-2020
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