Hydraulic,lowapeed,freestitching-Modular free stitching, also calls the self-propelled hydraulic module transporters, English abbreviation SPMT

Self-propelled module, also calls the self-propelled hydraulic module transporters, English abbreviation SPMT, trailer has evolved through hydraulic module, is a kind of organism with drive unit of large pieces of project logistics transportation equipment, for the whole is not easy to split between transport super-large, super-long, overweight cargo transport provide engineering logistics solutions, especially for Marine oil RIGS and offshore modules, module factory (petrochemical refining, etc.), power plant construction, ro/ro ship and a boat, chemical tanks and the overall transportation building houses.In petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, smelting, building, high-speed railway construction, ship building water and clean energy (wind power), the use of multiple industries such as nuclear power is becoming more and more widely, and its application in various factory internal floor whilst also more and more popular, is the most development potential of the next generation of transportation equipment in the future.


The SPMT self-propelled hydraulic combination trailer is mainly composed of the power head, also known as the power unit (PPU), and the hydraulic trailer with the drive axle.The end user can combine a number of modular transport vehicles in multiple modes according to the characteristics of transport goods (appearance size, tonnage, etc.), so as to realize the medium and short distance transportation of large parts with large tonnage and large size.


Post time: Jan-10-2020
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