What is lowloader semi trailer?

Lowloader semi – trailer , it is widely used for medium – and long-distance freight transportation.


The frame of series semi – trailer is cross – beam structure, and the longitudinal beam is flat – gooseneck.The height of the web is from 400mm to 550mm, the longitudinal beam is welded by automatic submerged arc welding, the frame is shot peening, and the beam penetrates the longitudinal beam and welds the whole.Series dry plate spring and suspension support, reasonable structure, with strong rigidity and strength, used to support the load impact.


Lowloader semi-trailer is usually used to transport heavy vehicles (e.g., tractors, buses and special vehicles, etc.), rail vehicles, mining machine forestry machinery, agricultural machinery, such as excavators, bulldozers, loaders, paver, cranes, etc.) and other heavy goods, its center of gravity is lower, the better the stability and safety, transport overheight cargo and overhead obstacles by the stronger the ability.Low flat-panel semi-trailer structure and load plate semi-trailer usually adopt concave beam (or well type) frame, frame front for both gooseneck (goose segment anterior portion of traction pin connected to the tractor traction saddle, after the gooseneck end connected to the semi-trailer frame), the middle for the goods (frame the minimum section), the back-end for wheel (wheel).When loading mechanical equipment on a low-flatbed semitrailer, the mechanical equipment is usually loaded from the rear end of the semitrailer, that is, the mechanical equipment is moved from the rear wheel mount or the wheels are removed, and then the mechanical equipment is fixed to the semitrailer.

The structure of the low flat plate semi-trailer is made of high strength international steel, and the weight of the vehicle is light, which can ensure its anti-distortion, anti-earthquake and anti-jolting ability, and meet different pavement bearing capacity.

Post time: Jan-11-2020
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