Yangzhou vulcan machinery manufacturing co. Ltd. began work resumption

Recently, the clear sky, huifeng and chang, a few days over the people’s minds as if the haze has also faded.In the factory of yangzhou volkan machinery manufacturing co., LTD., two employees carrying blue sterilizing spray barrels are carrying out sterilizing operations in the outdoor public area of the factory. “After receiving the notice of resumption of work and production, according to the requirements of relevant municipal and district documents, on February 9, we formulated a special plan for epidemic prevention and control of resumption of work and production, and reported it to the district bureau of science, technology and industry. On February 11, it passed the acceptance inspection and officially resumed work and production.”The general manager of quandian coal mine liu chao told reporters.In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the factory seriously carried out staff information screening, strictly implement the “seven uniform” measures, the good personnel screening, examination, review, etc.At the same time, we have formulated seven systems, such as access control management, dining hall, disinfection and elimination, and dormitory administrator management, so as to strictly prevent the external importation and internal diffusion of diseases.ntly, the clear sky, huifeng and chang, a few days over the people’s minds as if the haze has also faded.

At the gate of the factory restaurant, reporters saw six army green tents, which were temporarily set up in the mine to increase the number of diners in the restaurant, each tent can accommodate 12 employees to eat.”The restaurant has seven Windows open during the day and three at night, from 4am to 9pm, to ensure that the number of staff eating at the wrong peak is met.”Liu explained.At the same time, the factory actively reserves epidemic prevention and control materials, has stored 15,000 disposable protective masks, honeywell masks (up to N95 standard) 2000, 50,000 pieces of filter paper, “84″ disinfectant 2.3 tons, 75% of 1060 kilograms of alcohol, fully meet the epidemic prevention and control needs.

“We will focus on epidemic prevention and control to ensure the health of employees.Work and production will be resumed to ensure safe production.”"Liu said.A series of prevention and control measures were taken to ensure the orderly resumption of work and production.At present, 1,430 employees have returned to work in the mine, and the return rate is 60%.

Since the resumption of work, at the same time as the epidemic prevention work, the company’s production lines have all started.


Post time: Mar-25-2020
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