Yangzhou vulcan machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Passed the quality management system certification of weapons and equipment

Yangzhou vulcan machinery manufacturing co., ltd. has been focusing on the research and development and application of intelligent bulk transportation equipment technology for a long time, with strong technology inheritance and precipitation, 34 patents of core technology products, products used in aerospace, military industry, ships, energy, precision instruments, chemical industry and major engineering and limit transportation and other fields.In order to revitalize the national industry and apply the core technology of products to the military industry, the company has been comprehensively promoting the standard implementation of gjb9001c-2017 quality management system since May 2019.

From January 11 to 12, 2020, it passed the on-site audit of Beijing tianyizheng certification center co., LTD., and obtained the certificate of weapon and equipment quality management system on March 3, 2020, with the certificate no. : 02620J30247R0M.Quality management system certificate no. : 02620Q30150R0M.

Company since May 2019, the all-round GJB9001C jitc – 2017 quality management system since the job, according to the requirements of jitc work to further improve and publish the company quality policy, objectives, quality manual and program files, in the process of running the company pay attention to the operation control of each process, common-sense, continuous improvement, make the quality management system has been comprehensively carry out and implement, comprehensive promote the company’s operating control ability, for the company’s rapid development and open new business areas laid a solid foundation.


Post time: Mar-18-2020
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